“Will you not revive us again?” – Part 1

“Will you not revive us again?” – Part 1

“Will you not revive us again?” – Part 1 394 600 Keir Tayler

Ps 85:6 (MSG Trans)

“Will You not revive us again, that Your people may rejoice in You?” (Amp)

In this scripture David is begging the Lord to send revival once more.

Some people say, “Lord, what I want to see is revival, so people can get saved, healed and delivered”.

It is what we have limited God to do; that is scary. If He does this – then; or if He does that – Oh?

Some of the things people measure revival by – is:

  • Special music.
  • Special singing.
  • A robed choir.
  • An orator with charisma.
  • Different music.
  • A series of lectures, that are well attended. Seminars.
  • An exceptionally friendly church.
  • Post-modern Christian attitude.
  • Church fellowship around a table of food in the church basement.

The cry of David was, “Revive us again … until the people”, may what?

Revival can be described as:

  • The power of God moving and working again in the hearts of the people.
  • When Heaven invades earth.
  • Bold, courageous, honest, preaching with passion.
  • Where the conviction of the Holy Spirit, causes people to tremble at the word again.
  • Where people go to church that they may meet Him, and the joy of the Lord fills their hearts.
  • “I will feed my sheep!” – the same as what fed the New Testament church fed its sheep. So He does in revival.
  • The same as what the church in the wilderness was fed. “Kingdom of God is at hand”.
  • The best fellowship is found around the altar where the power of God fell upon people.
  • When revival comes into your soul, when you become aflame with the power and fire of the Holy Spirit –
  • The early church was born in a fire, not the smoke.
  • Then you begin to get a vision of what true revival is, you will lose your former ideas of what you thought was revival.

More to come …… Part Two