Young Preachers @ 9 years old.

Young Preachers @ 9 years old.

Young Preachers @ 9 years old. 300 481 Keir Tayler


As Tony Cauchi Sept 2011  reports:

‘Newspapers throughout Britain and London published reports, with names and addresses of persons who testified to miracles of healing. Simply and earnestly he testified that when he was nine years of age his spirit was taken up for five hours into heaven. “Jesus said, ‘David, if you will preach what I command you to preach, thousands will be converted, and many miraculously healed. The blind will see. The deaf will hear. The lame will walk.’ That promise has never failed.”

David Walker was born in Phoenix, Arizona on Sept 20, 1934. When he was nine he was transported by a vision into heaven for five hours and he came out of that experience as an anointed preacher! Thousands came to hear the “boy” evangelist preach the Gospel with as much zeal and power as many who had years of crusade experience.

Amazing miracles and supernatural manifestations accompanied “Little” David’s ministry. He worked with the best known healing evangelists of the Voice of Healing organization as a young man.
The first mention of ‘Little David’ Walker was in the very first edition of the Voice of Healing in April 1948 in an article by Jack Moore. ‘Two separate campaigns in Miami were held in January and February. The first time, the Branham party went as guests of the ”Little David” campaign, the phenomenal boy-preacher of 13, who with his manager, Rev. Raymond Hoekstra and the Kenzie party, had been engaged in several weeks’ meeting under the new, spacious Tent Cathedral, which they offered to accommodate the crowds.
On the first trip, four nights of service were rendered in Miami, and six nights on the second. We were also invited to minister in Little David’s meeting in the resort city of Orlando, where we spent three nights in the municipal auditorium.’
In January 1949 he ministered alongside William Branham in Miami (VOH, Feb. 1949, p11) and Dale Hanson in Tacoma, Washington in Nov. 1949 (VOH, Dec. 1949, p6)