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A group of 70 leaders gathered in Karoi for a week to be encouraged and equipped. We were with them morning and afternoon giving instruction on leadership, revival, healing and pastoring.
17 different denominations¬† were represented among the delegates and came from as far as Harare, and Mola (in the Zambezi Valley). Some were ‘superintendents of large denominations and others young church planters.

During the week the intensity and expectancy of the His presence was felt in each session … until one afternoon the power of God came. Many were weeping on their knees, some lying on the floor, others silent as a deep work was done by the Holy Spirit that no man could claim was his.¬† They have been doing their best in a dry environment both physically and spiritually, with little encouragement and guidance in lonely areas, and this was so refreshing as the Spirit of God ‘rained’ down.
Some had never seen a move of the Holy Spirit before let alone feel His presence in such a way. Many were healed, visions clarified and many were heard saying, “my church is going to changed according to the Bible”.

On the last day some wanted to share their testimonies of what God had done. I was so encouraged to hear this:
“In 2010 when Keir came to speak to us I was rejected by the church in Bulawayo. I had nowhere to live. So I came here (Karoi) to Pastor Leonard, and he gave me a house to live in and paid for my wife to come up from ‘Byo’ too. While I was here it was the message that Keir brought that changed my life and so now I have a ministry. I planted a church and it is now 3 yrs old. I have 200 plus people in my church”. God has given me a vision and a life.”

Another man testified: “Keir came with a team to Magunji (a small village north of Karoi) to do a crusade in 2006: I was at the crusade and remember it well. As a result of that crusade The Lord gave me a ministry and I now have a church and another one in Kariba. The word of God truely changed my life and I am so grateful to Jesus for what He has done”.
What a privilege to do what we do.

Chegutu was another town we were supposed to minister to leaders:
We went to the town only to meet with one leader – the others did not come. The reason they were not there ..¬† “they were busy”. So we sat for 2 hrs and chatted about the kingdom vs denominationalism. He was very touched, and listened intently with deep sighs, and tears. The rest of the meetings were cancelled. So we spent good few days with friends from the 90’s and ministered where we could.