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Young Preachers @ 9 years old. 300 481 Keir Tayler

Young Preachers @ 9 years old.

  As Tony Cauchi Sept 2011  reports: ‘Newspapers throughout Britain and London published reports, with names and addresses of persons who testified to miracles of healing. Simply and earnestly he testified that when he was nine years of age his spirit was taken up for five hours into heaven. “Jesus said, ‘David, if you will…

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An Unrecorded Miraculous Healing. 800 800 Keir Tayler

An Unrecorded Miraculous Healing.

If all the miracles done by the great healing evangelists, like AA Allen, Jack Coe, Oral Roberts, W. Branham, were all added up they would not total half the miracles and healings done by Aimee Semple McPherson. She stood alone. Here is an unrecorded creative miracle told by Aimee to Dr. Roy Hicks. Aimee Semple,…

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