Result of a “Hospital Week”

Result of a “Hospital Week” 1280 853 Keir Tayler

The Carltonville Outreach. Recently The Base church in Muldersdrift, was asked to do an outreach in Carltonville. Seven pastors in Carltonville teamed together for this event. A team from different churches; Johannesburg, Pretoria, Magaliesberg and Carltonville, ministered into the city. This was done by way of holding a “Hospital Week”. From 10am to 3pm Monday…

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‘HOSPITAL WEEK’. 526 701 Keir Tayler

We will be doing 6 crusades in the next 5 months. First two are: Carltonville followed by Tarlton in Johannesburg west. We will be preaching & praying for the sick 3 times a day. An open-air crusade at night. There are two scriptures that define what Jesus did when on the earth. Mt 9:35-36 “Jesus…

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What brings a ministry to a close?

What brings a ministry to a close? 526 789 Keir Tayler

What causes great ministries of the past to fade? I believe there’s a Bible principle involved. No matter who we are, if we don’t relate to the principles of truth, we pay for it. We either fall on it and break in repentance, or it falls on us and breaks us in judgment. The measure…

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2023 – What we will be doing.

2023 – What we will be doing. 720 540 Keir Tayler

We will be focusing on Open-Air Crusades this year of 2023 with the purpose of: 1. Training up Evangelists in action. 2. Planting churches by crusades. 3. Apostolic-ally Empowering local churches in the Supernatural. 4. Revival Reality. You are invited to any of these events – see itinerary and be there.

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The World Estate.

The World Estate. 640 426 Keir Tayler

The World Estate. Here is an Estate the Master told his servants that he is leaving, but will be returning. And while he s gone they are to bring the entire estate under cultivation. They began working around the house. They beautify the gardens and the flower-beds. Next year the weeds grow and again they…

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Dr. Duff’s appeal.

Dr. Duff’s appeal. 720 540 Keir Tayler

From: The Challenge of Missions, by Oswald J Smith. Dr. Duff that great veteran missionary to India, returned to Scotland to die, and as he stood before the General Assembly of the Presbyterian church, he made his appeal, but there was no response. In the midst of his appeal he fainted and was carried off…

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Divine Healing

Divine Healing 720 540 Keir Tayler

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The Apostolic Evangelist – Revised Edition.

The Apostolic Evangelist – Revised Edition. 1170 1269 Keir Tayler

  The Apostolic Evangelist Revised Edition. “Preface.” “The reason for doing a second edition is to give more attention to who, what and why an evangelist is, to and from the local church. An extra chapter is added on “Developing as an Evangelist”. There is more  instruction on the ministry and message of an evangelist…

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The Way of God’s Healing.

The Way of God’s Healing. 420 313 Keir Tayler

Do you know God’s way of Healing? WILLIE ESSER Leaves of Healing August 31, 1894 It is written, “A little child shall lead them,” (Isaiah 11:6) so we place this little boy in front of our American Witnesses. Here he stands with a happy smile on his earnest little face, holding his crutches in his…

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Power Evangelism

Power Evangelism 150 150 Keir Tayler

A simple overall insight into ‘Power Evangelism’.  

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