Called or Sent?

Called or Sent? 480 430 Keir Tayler

In Mat 9:36 Jesus said, “Pray the Lord of the harvest that He would send labourers into the harvest.” Many workers receive the call, but jump out of the furnace before the time. The sword being prepared for battle will not have the necessary strength forged into it, if it is prematurely withdrawn from the…

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Sent One’s.

Sent One’s. 800 800 Keir Tayler

The effect of men and woman of God on humanity through the years have been by those whom God has sent; not so much by those who just went. There is a big difference. Sent ones – have the ability to change cities and nations. A big statement – but history has proved it. Is…

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CFNI Alumni. Life Adventures

CFNI Alumni. Life Adventures 2560 1979 Keir Tayler  

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Sowing Revival.

Sowing Revival. 3024 2306 Keir Tayler

Habakkuk 3:2 “O Lord, I have heard the report about You and I fear. O Lord, revive Your work in the midst of the years, in the midst of the years make it known; in wrath [earnestly] remember compassion and love.” What is needed today is a revival of old fashion preaching the gospel. Entitlement…

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6 Marks of any Awakening.

6 Marks of any Awakening. 480 346 Keir Tayler

From: 2Chron 29-31 King Hezekia believed God on behalf of his people. His faith precipitated a national revival and show 6 marks of any awakening. This was a favorable time to promote revival – someone who saw the pathway clearly and worked it. So many are believing for one now. Revival begins with a change…

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The Unchained Ones.

The Unchained Ones. 4032 3024 Keir Tayler

What is the worlds response to the church to-day? What is political parties and governments trying to do to the church today? Are they tying to increase regulations and rules, what to preach, what not to preach and what to control by violating biblical standards? This is not new because before the cross Jesus was…

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God Touching the Nation – NAMIBIA.

God Touching the Nation – NAMIBIA. 500 500 Keir Tayler

In honor of a Giant of the Faith –
Elliott Sonjica – Jabulani.

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Training Apostolic Evangelists in KZN.

Training Apostolic Evangelists in KZN. 1280 720 Keir Tayler

In the 1990’s I traveled up into N.E. Kwa-Zulu Natal (pre-apartheid years) and taught pastors on leadership. There I met an incredible pastor by the name of Ps. Ezrom Mbonambi. We traveled and preached far and wide and even into Swaziland and Mozambique. Over the years we communicated by letter and then by e-mail and…

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ZAKEN – SAGE. 2560 1920 Keir Tayler

Zaken; sage, mentor, grey haired. Some think this is the solitary, confused, slow, old man, seen in movies. The biblical image though is a man connected to all of life and making his finest and most important contribution to the community and culture. He is the one who sits at political, civic, and religious centres…

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“Stallion Warriors.”

“Stallion Warriors.” 2560 1920 Keir Tayler

This book is in the process of being set up for e-Pub, Amazon then into print. What is this book about? Leadership The pin has been removed of the Grenade. Most leadership today is about being leaders from womb to tomb. Then the next generation has to reinvent it again. For example the cheap grace…

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