7 Principles of A Warrior.

7 Principles of A Warrior. 799 1090 Keir Tayler

7 features to the operation of a Royal Warrior 1. The Warrior shuns seeking reputation. The only reason a ministry has to promote itself is because the Holy Spirit isn’t. In politics, in the media, in business humility is all so rare, and arrogance so rife in our culture that we think such behaviour is…

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Moving in Royal Power.

Moving in Royal Power. 274 184 Keir Tayler

Extract from the new book: Royal Warriors”.   ‘Sun rays began to dance in intensity on clay wall of her small bedroom. It was a modest room built on top of the flat roof of her parents home. She knew her bandage was again wet with blood. She had faced this every day for 12…

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Chapter 14 ‘Warriors Reborn’

Chapter 14 ‘Warriors Reborn’ 600 600 Keir Tayler

Here is a few paragraphs from book 6 coming soon. “Royal Warriors”. “There is coming a time when jewels lose their sparkle, gold will loses its lustre and a throne becomes a prison … the only thing that lasts is the love of a father for his child.” “So in 1980 we were students. I…

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Authority vs Power.

Authority vs Power. 400 267 Keir Tayler

The value of Authority is greater than that of Power. Lk 10:8-9 “Whatever city you enter and they receive you, eat what is served to you; and heal those in it who are sick, and say to them, ‘The kingdom of God has come near to you.’ If you know they would not accurately represent…

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Arena of Life.

Arena of Life. 150 150 Keir Tayler

Arena of Life Imagine a Roman Gladiator arena with crowds looking expectantly for the next hero of battle to enter. Everyone is not sure who, what, when it would happen. It was the next event. Could it be more exciting than the previous one they just dragged out. Then unexpectantly and innocently a 14 year…

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‘I had two choices’ excerpt from “Royal Warriors”

‘I had two choices’ excerpt from “Royal Warriors” 694 960 Keir Tayler

Taken from new book I am writing: “Royal Warriors” Suddenly, the sound, the smell of diesel and cordite triggered a recall of what I had encountered that day when I was wounded. I did not expect this and did not really know what to do. No one told me, or counselled me. We did not…

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David Nunn – Types of Meetings

David Nunn – Types of Meetings 480 640 Keir Tayler

I had the great privilege of being a student under both W. V Grant and David Nunn’s teachings at Christ for the Nations Bible Institute in Dallas Texas 1980 – 1982. Both were very involved with the Voice of Healing explosion in the 1947-1958 that swept the USA. I thought to pick out some vital…

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Are you the One …?

Are you the One …? 150 150 Keir Tayler

Thousands throng to William Branham’s meetings in Durban. Milan, a pastor of Heartlands Church in South Africa laid hands on a mans paralysed leg and declared Jesus as Healer. Instantly the man began to move his leg and walk in circles in almost disbelief that he was healed. Milan, was part of a team of…

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Poland Report.

Poland Report. 1077 903 Keir Tayler

  Just returned from an incredible trip to Poland. Arek, a long lasting friend (2003) invited me to be part of a Festival in Tarnow. The week before participating in the festival I visited a number of churches in the towns of Kozienice, Teczna, Parcew and Radzyn Podlaski and then Tarnow. To see every church…

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POLAND RE-VISIT 1280 506 Keir Tayler

“I have no-one to encourage some leaders in Poland”; the Indonesian pastor said in Holland. I had just preached in his church and over dinner that evening, he made the comment. Without thinking of protocols of how to get into Poland I answered, “I will go – if you set the leaders up ready for…

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