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In between trips to the nations I am attempting to capture testimonies from people declaring what God has done. These testimonies with instruction as to how God heals and sets captives free is coming out in a new book. I thought to share a couple and this an extract taken from our new book: “Sword, Fire and Oil’.

Testimonies still drifting in about last week from the family related with the lady from UK still walking and seeing without aid … the testimony of Gods mercy and power ripple into communities, down lanes and into homes.

This week, the last two meetings going on for four & a half hours seeming like a two hour meeting. The church being equipped to do the work of the ministry with Godly authority. One gent came to the meeting on the first night believing his shoulder (damaged in a vehicle accident) would be healed: ‘…. he felt heat go into his shoulder and it was immediately healed. Through the word of knowledge that The Lord wanted to heal those who have lack of movement in the right shoulder – he came up. He said: “No! No! I don’t need prayer I am already healed! Look!” He fell onto his face on the floor and immediately started doing press-ups. Jumped to his feet and violently swung his arm around in circles. As a result of his open raw faith everyone else in the line for prayer was instantly healed. Others had cysts disappear after having been checked by their doctors. Others who could not easily walk up stairs – did so with ease. Many more testimonies.

Faith Dube-Makambira Her report about her mother:
“My Moms diagnosed with Fibromyalgia almost ten years ago. As a result her body suffered many chemical imbalances, which among other things results in her bone density thinning making her bones brittle and prone to splintering. Thus she was constantly in muscular pain (from the pressures of the splintering bones) and unable to walk. So she had to use a special scooter to get around. She also lost her eyeshot and had only peripheral vision in both eyes. So her eyes were extremely sensitive to light and dust and she had to wear glasses in the sunlight and when electrical lights were on indoors. As a family we had been praying for and declaring her healing and restoration based on Mark 11:22-24 since 2014.
When my Mom accepted our invitation to come and opened to spend Christmas with us here in Doha, my husband Kennedy and I prayed for God to touch her in a special way while she was here. We also took time to share with her the power of the words that you speak, and how we should confess what we desire God to manifest rather than what specialists say and what we see, hear or feel. So when we heard the announcement about Keir and Callie coming our faith was stirred up even more and we were expectant for God to do something special for Mom.
We brought Mom to the Friday morning service last week. After Keir preached and made the altar call for people who wanted to throw off their cloaks and yokes they had around their necks, Mom was the first person to go to the front. Halette and Callie prayed for my Mom. She started walking around the Pearl and Mom did not need any assistance or rest, for hours. She walked for the whole of Friday and continued to do so until she flew out to the UK on Monday. Her eyesight was also restored and she could see things that were close to her. She had a doctors appointment on Tuesday the 24th January for a final review beefier going in for surgery that she was scheduled for. She had hyperparathyroidism (her parathyroid glands had started secreting too much calcium into her body causing calcium poisoning). After the review the doctor told her that the parathyroid had normalized, her blood was normal and showed no signs of poisoning and that she did not need surgery.
We are so grateful to God for using Doha Fellowship to minister to us in such a powerful way.”

“Tumour spat out”:
We transferred to another church for the last week and had an incredible time there as well.
“… when you last came here (4yrs ago) you prayed for salivations and healings and many gathered around you. There was one man who had throat cancer and you prayed for him and nothing happened immediately. He went home disappointed in God. However, the next day he woke up and whilst brushing his teeth he coughed violently, and out came a black mass of flesh. He put it into a container and took it to his Oncologist who confirmed it was a tumor. He then looked inside his throat and all was clear … no evidence of cancer.

One night a visitor came to the meeting and asked someone why she cannot stop crying? the response was – this is the Holy Spirit, the presence of the Almighty God. Her husband was on the floor because someone prayed for him, and he asked, ‘ why can I not move … what is wrong with me?’ The answer was ‘the Holy Spirit has arrested you’.

We were in the church from Sunday 4-11 June inclusive.
We spent a couple of days imparting to the visitors, and then they went to hospitals, Zandspruit, and Lion Park townships. The impact was massive – including a church plant in one of the areas.
Below is one of the testimonies:
From Ps. Victor who leads the new church plant:
“I have seen God’s hand at work this week, amongst many testimonies I’ve heard and witnessed. There’s one that touched my heart yesterday during ministry time.

Keir made a call for those who are feeling a pain body, and one of the ladies who was ill for 6 month also came the front and was prayed for. She couldn’t eat anything but can only drink. Her sister left work on Friday night, drove to Limpopo to fetch this lady so she can bring her to church. (I really don’t know where the sister got such faith or what she heard about (NWH) ministry)
I saw the lady eating her first meal after 6 months during lunch time… I was in tears to hear of such testimony which I couldn’t keep it to myself but to share it with the congregation during second session. People were greatly encouraged!
Thank God for this partnership, I believe that God is glorified.”

Apart from that in one meeting over 80 were saved and there were meetings every day. Multiple healings.
It was a great week as God continues to pour out mercy. We hear so much negative stuff – but more than this He is still on the throne.