Lightning before the Thunder.

Lightning before the Thunder.

Lightning before the Thunder. 453 604 Keir Tayler

Signs before the Wonder:

“For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” Acts 4:20 is the echo of truth upon the hearts of man.

The things which we have seen – lightning; a flash of light, so intense, so powerful so devastating in nature can only be heard – thunder, a rumble …. seen and then heard.

The gospel can only manifest the same way. As lightning and thunder is the demonstration of power in the natural; so is the effect of the word (lightning – light, truth, sign Ps 119:130) followed by the testimony of thunder, the wonder in the supernatural.

It is the time to open the gate and so here are some thoughts for 2018:

  • Act 8:8 says the city was full of joy. Could it be that the whole city knew how to lays on the sick and there was not one feeble among them?
  • The time for evangelism is  to take the harvest outside the box of ministry. Healing the sick and stopping suffering is the most acceptable standard when it comes to the gospel being preached. Healing the sick transcends every religion, (muslim, hindu etc.)  and denomination because every culture – east and west, wants ‘to be made whole’. Suffering is in every culture and nation.
  • The harvest is determined by the size of the harvesters sent out. Ac 8:4
  • The net on the other side of the boat in daylight , shows it is time to do what is contrary to council. Go deep, go wild!
  • When the net began to break it is time to call on other ‘nets that will work’ to get the job done. Eyes on target – the lost souls; not your ministry or church.

A prophetic perspective:

“*It is no doubt that over the last decade or so there has been an emphasis on the Apostolic and the Prophetic, and rightly so. If think back to roughly 10-12 years ago there was a major shift in the Body of Christ with major denominations no longer supporting or endorsing the office of the Apostle or Prophet when it came to the Five Fold Ministry. In a sense the legs of the Body were pulled right out from underneath them—the two elements or factors which God chose to build His church with being denied legitimacy and identity.
The church is walking, balanced, instep to the rhythms of heavens drum beat.

A new army of evangelists  are going to be raised up, mobilized, and then sent out.

God is wanting to raise up those who will go and bring reconciliation to those who have yet to receive Christ.
It is the year of the Evangelist and the favor the Evangelist.

Over the years there has been offenses against the Evangelist saying “they blow in, blow up, and blow out” with the underlying message being that Evangelist have no concern for the local church and just create a mess for the Pastor to clean up. There is a lot of offense and controversy over the finances circulating through Evangelist ministries as well, but it should come to no shock that it takes financial support to reach to the outer parts of the Earth as well it takes to reach within the local city.

But offense has brought a wedge between the Church and the Evangelist. That might explain why in church growth reports only 4% is new believers and the other 96% is from people changing churches.
The church needs the Evangelist!”

Note this is perspective – not authors opinion. (*)

God is restoring the value of evangelism and the identity of the Evangelist to the Body of Christ once again.

To the Evangelist
This is your year! The favor and light of His face will shine on you. Go big. Dream bigger than ever.