March feedback from Redhill Church Toronto

March feedback from Redhill Church Toronto

March feedback from Redhill Church Toronto 150 150 Keir Tayler

In the 90’s Callie and I had the huge pleasure of conducting a wedding service for Jaco and Cathy Maree in Pinetown. Last week we were with them in Redhill Church here in Toronto, the church they lead.
They have already planted and released a church in the BVI (British Virgin Islands).
Jaco has been on many ‘mission trips’ with us in the 90’s into Swaziland, Zimbabwe and Mozambique.  We have many memories and now we are on another continent and having the privilege of ministering to Canadians, because of friends, Gods calling, and vision for the nations. Although it was a short time with them all it was powerful and fruitful.

After being in Milton with Redhill church we started our meetings with The Bridge Church in Pickering where we will be over this coming weekend. Below is what our friends Mark and Bridgette wrote after the first night with the Bridge church.

“What an amazing start tonight  with Keir and Callie. A wonderful foundation of the Gospel, salvation and healing. It is by faith that we can confidently report that the Gospel was preached, salvation came to our house and the healing work of Jesus was manifested. When we step out in faith God responds. Our statement “Do You Believe in Miracles?”, bears witness to Gods miracles tonight. Peoples lives were changed and healed body, soul and spirit. Jesus exalted and glorified.”


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