Sent One’s.

Sent One’s.

Sent One’s. 800 800 Keir Tayler

The effect of men and woman of God on humanity through the years have been by those whom God has sent; not so much by those who just went. There is a big difference. Sent ones – have the ability to change cities and nations. A big statement – but history has proved it.

Is 6:8 “Then I heard the voice of the Lord, saying, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” Then I said, “Here am I. Send me!”
Not – “Hey over here … I will go”.

Mt 23:39 “For I say to you, from now on you will not see Me until you say, ‘Blessed is the One who comes He’s come, (bringing God’s rule!’) ( in the name of the Lord!’”

I love that verse because, when they that ask him/her preacher to come they will see something significantly different. Not just a slot to preach somewhere but because it is what the preacher carries that they are invited – they will see Jesus. The verse below gives how we are to receive the sent ones:

Ac 10:33 “So I sent men to you immediately, and you have been kind enough to come. Now then, we are all here present before God to hear everything that you have been commanded by the Lord.”

So who are sent ones? Well Jesus calls those to be sent. Here is how it happens:  Mk 3:13-14 “And He went up on the mountain and called those whom He Himself wanted, and they came to Him. And He appointed twelve, so that they would be with Him and that He could send them out to preach, …”
Called results – in a response ‘they came to Him’, (up to you to stay)
To be with Him – to understand everything about Him.
To be sent – for an appointed assignment, specific message, specific people.

A sent one waits until they are sent. Face to face encounter to re-present Him. It is where Jn 5:19 is so real. “Truly, truly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, unless it is something He sees the Father doing; for whatever the Father does, these things the Son also does in the same way.”

With this perspective look at the word ‘sent’ in the following scriptures: Jn 1:6; Lk 1:19; Lk 1:26; Lk 9:1-2; Lk 9:52; Lk 10:2.