No fear of the future – a blog post by my daughter

No fear of the future – a blog post by my daughter

No fear of the future – a blog post by my daughter 150 150 Keir Tayler


One of my favourite books of the Bible is Proverbs. I remember as a young girl of seven years old, my father teaching me a proverb a week. It doesn’t sound like much, but each Proverb has SO much wisdom that it takes me a while for my mind, heart and soul to absorb it. I have to read this particular Proverb from the Scriptures again and again, in order for it to sink in. It is a promise from the most High God who loves me. What a beautiful promise to be clothed in strength and dignity, to laugh  without fear of the future!!

Strength is the power to resist attack, to be impregnable, to resist strain or stress and to be durable. It is to maintain a moral or intellectual position

Dignity is to be of quality of being worthy of esteem or respect. An inherent nobility and worth, poise and self-respect.

Laugh is to feel a triumphant or exultant sense of well-being

One just has to look at the economics of the world we live in and fear can easily take root, yet I look not to this world but to the promises my Father in Heaven has lavished on me. What a privilege to raise children today, to be apart of the army that is advancing and taking ground spiritually. Yes it is hard, yes it is expensive and yes it can be scary, BUT I choose not to dwell on that, but rather dwell on the Word, the Truth. This is of course a lesson in progress and there are times when I feel very strong and other times I feel totally overwhelmed with the costs of living. I have noticed that when my soul has not been fed with the word and I have got caught up with doing life, my fear is more evident.

When we found out I was expecting twins at just 6 weeks into the pregnancy, more than anything I was terrified of how we were going to afford feeding, clothing, educating and just generally providing for our BIG family, as going from a family of 5 to 7 is huge and is abnormal. I remember a dear friend saying to me at that time, be encouraged as God knows what He is doing, God knows the plans, and He would not give you the toys without the batteries. That last statement may seem trivial, but let me tell you how very encouraging that was to me. As a “planner” and a person who likes to be organised, this came as a massive shock as this was not “in my plan”. Who was I that I had the audacity to question God, the creator of the universe, I realised how very selfish and ridiculous that was. In the quiet moments, I remember being led to read the account of Mary when she was told she would conceive supernaturally the Son of God. Can you imagine how that must have felt? Just consider it for 20 seconds … then her response is key, she says, “may it be unto me according to your word” – Luke 1: 38. From that moment, I chose to believe it was His will and plan for our lives.

Life is about ALL about choices. I chose to see my challenging circumstances as a blessing. And so I will choose to be believe in faith what the Word says, “to be clothed in strength and dignity, and to laugh without fear of the future.” My future is full of promise because of WHO I serve. I choose to laugh when financial fear sets in, I will not be depressed after a weekly grocery shop or moan or whine because of what I see, but I choose to trust Him and lean not on my own understanding as I choose to walk with Him and acknowledge Him in all my ways!

So in essence, I will resist strain or stress and be durable, to have inherent nobility and worth, poise and self-respect, and to feel a triumphant or exultant sense of well-being, when I consider my future.