RealXtreme Truths 1

RealXtreme Truths 1

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To receive revelation from God is to see as He sees, to hear as He hears, and to perceive as He perceives.

We are trained to reject anything that cannot be explained. Trusting tradition thus nullifying the word of God. Political correctness replaces reality of truth.

Man is trained to criticize (debate) everything he cannot create or understand.

Four truth truths can only be known through revelation. They cannot be discovered through scientific, psychological, psychiatric or philosophical means:

  1. The nature of God
  2. The nature of man.
  3. The origin of Life.
  4. The origin of man.

Faith is the only way to know God and to relate to His supernatural and invisible realm.

God’s revelations are connected to His time and His will. Faith and revelation enable us to live beyond the natural dimension.

A miracle is the supernatural intervention of God that interrupts the normal course of natural life.

God is eternal. Time is not – it is limited in potential. Church is about eternity and humanity in eternity. Time and earth are temporary. We are to connect to the creator of life who is beyond time and is eternity. He is the alpha and omega, not limited to history.

The enemy establishes a stronghold where God’s knowledge and revelation are obscured.

Our faith will be the strongest in the areas in which we have the greatest revealed knowledge from God through the Holy Spirit.

Through the Old and New Testament God showed Himself to be a supernatural God of miracles.

The supernatural God ultimately revealed Himself through Jesus.

The revelation of the kingdom produces

  1. Purpose.
  2. Authority.
  3. Order.
  4. Structure
  5. Vision; which prepares us to receive God’s power.

Order cannot be established in the absence government and authority. When God’s power is manifest there is no chaos and confusion.

The main reason God reveals our supernatural purposes is so that we may proclaim and expand His kingdom on earth.

God’s Kingdom is not rigid but flexible so the Holy Spirit can conduct His Manifested Kingdom.

Teaching the word of God without a demonstration of miracles will neither excite people nor enable them to have radical changes in their lives.

A message full of God’s power can make us advance in minutes to a place that would have taken us years to reach in the natural.

We are created in God’s image to do what He does.


Power as in ability, occurs 95 times having to do with God and 95 times having to do with the believer.

Power, as in capability, occurs 78 times relating to God being able and 78 times relating to the believer being able.

Power, as in possibility, occurs 15 times referring to something that is possible for God and 15 times referring to something that is possible for us.

Strengthened appears 16 times declaring we are as strong as God, with His strength.

Powerfully strong appears 2 times declaring that God is powerful and 2 times declaring how powerful we are in Him.

Sympathy is a counterfeit version of compassion.

Compassion without power is sympathy; power without compassion is “professionalism”.

No religion in the world can equal the message of the cross.

The message of the cross is the only source of the manifestation of God’s supernatural power.

Why are the sick not healed? Why do the blind not recover their sight? Why are the lame not walking? There is only one answer to these questions: because we are not preaching the message of the cross. 1Cor 1:23-25