“Waters Flow”.

“Waters Flow”.

“Waters Flow”. 150 150 Keir Tayler

From an unknown print in 1930:

It was a happy day for the widow when she accidentally met Jesus at the gate of Nain.

  • It was a happy day when He was touched by her tears and her heartbroken sorrow, and gave her back her boy, for the Scripture records that he was raised from the dead that day.
  • It was a happy day for the poor impotent man who was lying in one of the porches by the pool of Bethesda when Jesus spoke to him and brought restoration of physical health and strength to his physical body.
  • It was a happy day in the household of Jairus, when Jesus went in there and stretched forth His hand and touched the damsel, and raised her up from the bed on which she had died.
  • It was a happy day for the poor man when Jesus walked down the Jericho road, and it was a happy day for this nobleman when he went in search of the Christ who he was confident would exercise His healing power and gave him the desire of his hear.

I do know that when Naaman was sick and his leprosy was incurable, it was a little captive maid, really a slave girl, who timidly and hesitatingly gave her testimony to her mistress that day and said, “Would God my lord were with the prophet that is in Samaria! for he would recover him of his leprosy.”

Behind her healing was the love of Jesus, behind her salvation was the love of Jesus, and behind the lifting of every burden was the love of Jesus. And behind the coming of Jesus into this sin-cursed old world was the love of God the Father; for John 3:16 tells us that “God so loved the world,”—and the world was to kill His Son. The world had repudiated every offer of mercy and pardon that He had ever given it, but “God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son,” and the Son came with His Faith.

The Nobleman and a testimony:  And so the first thing this nobleman was to HEAR was that Jesus had come out of Judea into Galilee.

The second thing he did after he heard was this: He went to see Jesus. He went to see Jesus. Let me tell you this—That whether it is the salvation of your soul, the healing of your body the lifting of your burden, or whatever it is—there is a part the LORD CAN DO that you CANNOT do, and there is a part you can do that the Lord will not do.

Sometimes you are apt to blame God because He does not do His part, when you refuse to do your part!

 It is the job of the evangelist to get people to do their part, and I can always count on the Lord doing His part. He has never failed.

He put up a serpent of brass in the wilderness one time and then He sent His servant out to announce, “there is life for a look!

Just a look at the serpent of brass, and you will be healed of the dreaded disease that has come upon you because of the bite of the serpent.

He could have healed them without the look, BUT IT DID NOT WORK THAT WAY.

This nobleman heard. There was a “serpent in the wilderness”, that somebody had told him about; somebody had said, “I am healed! All I did was to look at the (Carpenter) the brazen serpent put up on a pole and at the same time I looked I was healed!”

The skeptic says, “I don’t believe it! How could looking at the brazen serpent heal you?” And the world sits back and says, “I don’t believe that being anointed with oil, and having a man lay his hands on you, and going to the altar will heal you”.

They cannot understand it. My friends, how foolish not to believe. unless we all tell them about The Gospel.