3D – 4 – Revival.

3D – 4 – Revival.

3D – 4 – Revival. 2344 2892 Keir Tayler

From Aimee-Semple McPherson. “Here is a pattern for modern Revival”.

The model revival reaches in three directions.
It brings:

Salvation and forgiveness of all sin through the precious blood of Calvary;
a genuine, born-again experience; a real change of heart and an identification with the death, burial, resurrection and life of Jesus Christ.

Divine healing for the sick and suffering body, thus fitting the temple for strength of service.

“A man, when he has purchased a dilapidated house, in which he intended to reside, does not usually leave the shutters and doors hanging by one hinge, the floor boards caving in, the roof leaking and the cellar damp and musty. He takes his hammer, screw-driver and nails, rehangs the doors and shutters, reshingle the roof, braces the floor and airs the damp and mouldy cellar.”

“A good mechanic, buying a squeaky automobile, with one flat tire, a rusty body, and in need of a general overhauling, does not usually run it in its ailing condition. He buys new tires, scrapes off the rust, repaints and varnishes it, tightens the bearings, oils the machinery, fills the grease-cups, cleans the spark-plugs, replaces a few old parts with new, and declares his car is ready for efficient service and use.”

So it is with our Savour who has redeemed us with His blood.
He has purchased us, not that we might always sit around in the dilapidated condition in which our late owner, the devil, left us, but to repair or make us ever new, that with strong bodies and a willing heart we may yield to Him our glad, glad service.
But some may say: “I would rather be as I am; I know so and so, one of the dearest saints, who was always ill.”
All right, my dears, according to your faith be it unto you. If you feel that God leads you in the paths of the suffering for His name’s sake, obey His voice indeed, but many, at least, have found the Savour mending the old leaky roof, tuning up the run-down engine, and fixing the temple or the vehicle for His service.

THIRD—The Baptism of the Holy Spirit.
The enduement of power for service and practical levelheaded, soul winning was needed by the people of Samaria and is needed for the converts of our revivals today.
Power to testify, power to pray, power to glorify and exalt the adorable Christ, power to declare the imminence of His second coming, and to help the faint on the way.

Here is the pattern, here is the cloth. God’s Word is still unchanged. How many will rise up today and, in believing faith, ask the Lord to prepare our hearts as He prepared the heart of Philip, that we may be sent forth unto the surrounding Samaria’s, and crown the preaching of Christ with a model revival of the old-time, three-fold power?’