7 Principles of A Warrior.

7 Principles of A Warrior.

7 Principles of A Warrior. 799 1090 Keir Tayler

7 features to the operation of a Royal Warrior

1. The Warrior shuns seeking reputation. The only reason a ministry has to promote itself is because the Holy Spirit isn’t. In politics, in the media, in business humility is all so rare, and arrogance so rife in our culture that we think such behaviour is normal, even necessary. It isn’t. God promotes with wisdom. The foolish demote themselves.

2. The Warrior never relies on human ability or reputation or influence. What they have done in the line of duty is normal. He is Fully Yielded to authority he has chosen to serve..
These warriors of God have fully gotten over themselves as being able to make any contribution toward what God wants to do through them.

3. The Warrior is always obedient to the King.
Not an earthly chosen king. But like those who understood this in Acts 17:6 shouting, “These men who have turned the world upside down have come here too; … and they all are saying things contrary to the decrees of Caesar, [actually] claiming that there is another king, Jesus.”
These men were Royal Warriors of Truth of the Kingdom of God not man. Obedience is entirely consummated by hearing rhema from the mouth of the Lord and doing it.

4. The Warrior refuses to rely on “the facts,” but instead checks with and relies on the Holy Spirit and the Word of God and the Will of the King, in every and any situation.

5. The Warrior fears the Lord more than he fears governments and men. Most will pray like this: “Lord, if it is Your will, I will do it.” But in their hearts they add, “if it is not too hard, too expensive, too embarrassing, or too inconvenient.”
But the Warrior will pray with a heart like this: “Lord, before You speak to me today, I want you to know that my answer is ‘yes’, and I will do it quickly, whatever you tell me.”

6. The Warrior strikes down the gods of the land – traditions, culture, man made government decrees and anything that overrides or takes the place of the true worship of his King.

7. The Warrior triumphs over false prophets, as in the showdown on Mt Carmel. He would never be asked: “why halt ye between two opinions?”

When Jesus Christ returns to earth for the 1000 year reign with the church what will those leaders be like? He will come on a white horse and some of us with Him. The final words are written. The words spoken from the One who created earth and who brought the word that Satan tried to destroy questioning truth Himself. Jesus reinstated it by responding to Satan’s challenges saying – It is written.