7000 in Kinshasa, DRC

7000 in Kinshasa, DRC

7000 in Kinshasa, DRC 150 150 Keir Tayler

photoI have just returned from Kinshasa DRC, having done a crusade in the place, “Where streets have no name”.

We did 5 Nights, where I spoke to crowds of 7000 and more as people heard and saw the power of God in action. It has been a while since I have had the privilege of speaking to such an enthusiastic group of people.

It was 10 churches that got together in Kinshasaa, to put this event into action. The administration was absolutely outstanding.

Salvations were abundant every night – the largest group responding to salvation was about 600. Each night salvations were abundant.

Healings each night increased, as faith in the word was evident by miracles and healings. One I have to tell you about:

A tumor disappears under my hand – as I unbuttoned the young mans shirt, because I wanted to “lay my hand upon” the tumor. I prayed for him and could not feel the tumor on his neck, and said to him, “There is no tumor I can’t find it”. So he began to feel his neck and also could not find it. A close friend was standing behind the man and saw the tumor go down as I touched his neck where the tumor was. “I saw it go down”, he said. We were amazed. God had healed him instantly.

There were so many more to testify about as God demonstrated His mercy to all.

I believe we need to do more crusades in our own land of South Africa. Contact us to get involved in local and international crusades.