Pressure of His Presence

Pressure of His Presence

Pressure of His Presence 150 150 Keir Tayler

What authority or power can change a nation?

At a city called Nain, a funeral procession was totally interrupted, challenged and terminated. What Nain was forever is known for was a funeral. That is what came out of it – death. Not a pretty picture and not a good advertisement to come visit that city.

Yet it did change. What changed it?

He touched the bier, or vehicle containing the problem.

Leadership that causes revival has the invasive ability to grip the very vehicles that contain the sterile policies that are maintaining failure. He spoke to the issue inside the vehicle – the coffin. Policies within the structure need to have a voice prophesying from without. The prophetic has the voice; we have the voice, the message that will echo deep into the box of sterile applications and solutions have an inability to change. Leadership has ability to say: ‘the words I speak to you, they are Spirit, and they are Life.’ Revival carries resurrection power and a greater influence that brings both joy and the fear of God. Royal Warriors say so.
The vehicle needs to be recognised, touched, stopped, spoken to, challenged, and changed.
The pressure of His presence, God’s presence, is the greatest force that can be exerted upon a human being.