SIX 150 150 Keir Tayler

Sword Oil & Fire

Testimonies and instruction on how to use the Sword – the word of God; The Oil – walking and ministering in the anointing of the Holy Spirit and Fire- His Presence and power. What we share through these pages have not been learnt in a classroom with a teacher, but through travelling dusty trails, and in many nations; through taking risks and sometimes failing. The realm of faith has been our classroom with the Holy Spirit as our teacher. these are some of the many lessons learnt through many varied experiences, often accompanied with emotional ‘ups ad downs’. One thing we have learnt through it all is that the power of faith is the key to the heart of God.

Apostolic Evangelist:
The office and practice of a Five – Fold Government Gift Evangelist and how they are to operate in team with other five-fold Gifts to the church. From call to commission, how to begin. Probably the most needed book for the church now. A Companion book to Sword Oil and Fire.

A Weapon in His Hand,
An autobiography. A story of the transformation of how a man can be used for a weapon of destruction, and then become a weapon of healing in the hands of God. From Special Forces to Royal Assignment. A story of Keir and Callie’s lives.

Q & A on Divine Healing:
The questions asked are what many have asked over the centuries and the appropriate answers given by men and women with vast experience. There may be a question that you are asking and hopefully dear reader you will find the answer to. One thing is true and that His mercy or His compassion is always toward you.
The Bible reveals the will of God in regard to the healing of the body as clearly as it reveals the will of God in regard to regeneration of the spirit. The two are ever together.

The Royal Physician.
This book captures our experiences of Divine healing from 1979 to the present. After 5 decades of ministry around the world, my wife and I have seen many healings and miracles. Some people being healed instantly, some over time and some not receiving healing at all. We have always wanted to see people experience the compassion and mercy of God on their lives. So our lives have been focused on Jesus: His love for humanity and from the start of His ministry He healed the sick wherever He went. We do not have all the answers and don’t expect to as we are still students learning.
We have put together our experiences and practice with the desire to help both those who are sick and those who want to preach, teach and empower other saints to do the same.
We have wanted to leave a legacy for the generations to come who will carry the sword and the oil — the word of God and His power — to set captives free.

Royal Warriors.
How many leadership conferences have you been? How many books you have read on that subject? Has it changed anything? This is probably one of the most raw and real books you will ever read.
A look at what the men and women will be like when Jesus returns to earth to rule and reign 1000 years. What will those leaders be like? Whether you are leading a church, a business company or a nation, this book will clarify why you are to lead, from God’s presence, a Revival Leader.
Warriors do get wounded in battle. What is not addressed often is how to leave your moment of hurt, pain or wounding – ‘Woundedville’. How to get through the pain, regroup and and live again. And yet some haven’t begun to live.