Report on Mozambique trips.

Report on Mozambique trips.

Report on Mozambique trips. 150 150 Keir Tayler

July 6-15 We had the privilege of being invited into Inhaminga , in the Sofala Province of Mozambique. Afrika wa Jesu is has one of it’s bases there; the other being at Nacala.

A flight to Beira then a 4 hour drive to Inhaminga on a dirt road that would generously allow you to travel at 40kmh occasionally. The week started with a Sunday meeting in their  ‘show-case’ church. Monday to Friday was taken up with ministry to 200 students and leaders, who had come in from 9 provinces. We were tasked with training them on Open-air power evangelism. They had books printed for all participating covering the lessons to be taught. Some of the teaching was very practical to why, what, where and how to evangelize. All the lessons were from my experience in Africa, and primarily in Mozambique. The week ended with a graduation of 95 students.  It was such a joy to see the church pastors who had sent their “sons”, celebrate their passing a six month intense course. On Saturday we went to a town called Ndoro, where an open-air crusade was done on Saturday afternoon. The whole town came. It cannot be found on the map – it is so small. From the crowd of over 1000, about 700 committed their lives to being a believer and disciple of Jesus. They were so sincere and fully understood salvation. The theory during the week was seen practically applied. Healings? – so so many. Sunday morning we did a service – open air and a church was born. A young man and his wife leads it now.

Well done Rod and Ellie Hein (of Afrika wa Jesu) for your heart for Mozambique, thank you for being a part of it for a week.

July 20-28. We journeyed into Xai-Xai a town in the Gaza Province of Mozambique. 3 teams: one evangelism, two other teams on motor-cycles, to reach new areas north of the Limpopo river.

Evangelism Team – to plant three churches by doing 3 crusades. The new pastors for the new churches had been trained, endorsed and sent ready for this time. We did two nights in each venue: Machalene, Chibuto and Xai-Xai. Some of the evenings the local electricity simply suddenly ‘died’. On one of the evenings this happened with a crowd about 500. We had limited lights.  So in this situation one must know the word or sermon to be delivered by heart and one cannot stop and start when everything works. Sound system or not – go as best you can. Such faith was built that evening in the dark.  About 300 were saved and multiple healings were in evidence. People returned home singing down the streets as they went. It was such a succesful time. The teams worked together in different areas with great reports. Churches planted, others encouraged, leaders strengthened, Kingdom advancing.

Thank you all the teams, churches, and families that came.