Tracks of Faith

Tracks of Faith 526 789 Keir Tayler

All trips on itinary are opportunities for you to come with us to the various places and see God doing what He always does. It is our intention to train up others to do what we have done. Jesus sent 12 then 70/2. Will that be you? Have you felt the bones of a broken…

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“The Streets of No Name”.

“The Streets of No Name”. 960 720 Keir Tayler

Originally written for “Lets Talk” 2008 by Keir Tayler. The U2 song, “The Sreet’s of no Name” captivated my heart 24 yrs ago. The lyrics say it all. The song transcends racism, cultural differences fear, & self-worthlessness. A street with no name is where 80% of civilization lives. This street is rife with dust, wind,…

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