Tracks of Faith

Tracks of Faith

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All trips on itinary are opportunities for you to come with us to the various places and see God doing what He always does.

It is our intention to train up others to do what we have done. Jesus sent 12 then 70/2. Will that be you?

Have you felt the bones of a broken leg move under your hands when you pray for a broken limb? Have you felt a tumor deflate under your hand?

Testimony: Day three copy …
Abu Dhabi, Saturday Feb 22, 2014: A literally wonder-full end to our three days of evangelism training and equipping with Keir and Callie.  Two months ago, 43-year-old construction worker Ma Kaizhong, from China, broke his back and his left leg in four places in a horrific workplace accident. Unable to walk more than two or three steps because of severe pain, Ma arrived at today’s meeting in a wheelchair. But following the proclamation of the word of God, testimonies of healing’s from our previous meetings, and during an extended time of worship and prayers for healing today, Ma rose from his wheelchair and walked through the crowded room, without feeling any pain. Having already given his life to Jesus a couple of weeks ago, today he was able to walk to the Law family’s swimming pool to be baptized, paving the way for another spontaneous baptism of Damilola, from Nigeria. An amazing morning.  The Lord be praised! Thank you Jesus! All glory to you!
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