Testimony from Mozambique.

Testimony from Mozambique.

Testimony from Mozambique. 150 150 Keir Tayler

In 2018 we pioneered a church plant in Chimondzo, Mozambique with Church Unlimited in Nelspruit. Ps. Louis Nel lead the team on this adventure. There were about 10 of us from different churches around South Africa. It also involved about 6 churches in Mozambique who banded together to launch the church into this community. Some of the old people there said they had never heard of this man called Jesus. To prove He is still alive, signs and wonders were done among the people who saw and believed in our message. After 2 years we hear the church has grown and planted two other churches in the area. Below is a picture of the crusade 2018 done into the Chimondzo community.

Crusade into Chimondzo community 2018

Below, we prayed for 3 cripples who walked without aid of a stick.

Below the three healed men. There were many other healings: blind saw, deaf heard.

Below: The Church today in Chimondzo.

God builds His church.