UK and Home.

UK and Home.

UK and Home. 150 150 Keir Tayler


Our final part of the long six weeks was spent firstly, in Northwich with Mike and Glynnis Moore, who lead Connextion Church.

We had some folk gather in their home one evening and the presence of God just came in such a deep way…we were all aware and some responded with spontaneous prayer and worship. The deep workings of His Spirit is so precious. Everyone left very refreshed and with a look of joy on their faces. The next evening we met again with various churches and there was a deep awareness of His work among us.

Next we went to St Neots; where we stayed with Rob and Gill McFarlane, who lead River Church.  We had a fantastic time with them: from the first night God did soooo much after ministering the word.

He did a Hand-stand….

Keir, had a word of knowledge about a person at the beginning of the message: who had been bedridden during their child-hood, in and out of bed, … this has been from the age of 7 and their life has been hope-less.  After the message a young man immediately identified himself as having CSF and had been in and out of bed and had a problem with his arms – no strength and unable lift them above his head. He also suffered from oppression. Well we prayed for the oppressing to leave and then for his arms.

Keir told him to do a hand-stand at the front of the church – which he did. He stood up with amazement on his face (he had not been able to do this before) and kept swinging his arms to ‘test’ his healing..

An older man said that doctors had given up on his shoulder and morphine was no longer working. His “shoulder was rubbing bone on bone”. He had Osteo-arthritis. God healed him and he later testified that he had no more pain and was able to sleep on his previously sore shoulder.

It was a truly magnificent time travelling into nations, churches and seeing the Lord manifest His Presence on and in peoples lives.

What a privilege to be able to make friends and be a part of their vision and dreams.


 Here is the link for a message on The Apostolic given at Cornerstone Church, our base in South Africa.

This is a download of the messages given at River Church in St. Neots in Camebridge UK; in December 2013