“Why is power always manifested?”

“Why is power always manifested?”

“Why is power always manifested?” 150 150 Keir Tayler

“Why is power always manifested?”

Many years ago I read a statement that Smith Wigglesworth made, which challenged me deeply and caused me to search the heart of God and scriptures for the answer..
Someone asked Smith, “Why is it that every time you go anywhere something happens and power is always manifested?”
His reply was: “It is very simple. If the Spirit doesn’t move, I move the Spirit”.
Is this arrogance or the Gift of Faith in operation?
If someone could do it then – why not now? God is no respecter of persons.

Mandates are the keys to open that door, of the supernatural. They are keys to lead the church into ‘her’ inheritance. It is the function of the Eph 4:11-12 gifting.
It sounded so simple yet so complicated.
The Lord “said” –
‘Smith Wigglesworth’ received a mandate from Me to do what he did. He was not doing it out of presumption, or on his own initiative. I gave him a mandate to do it. He believed me and acted on it, I wanted him to do it for me and he became a manifestation of My ministry on earth. Because of his mandate, he had My unlimited authority to do what he did and , as a response, heaven opened up to produce all he needed and the Spirit moved to empower what he did’.
A mandate – personal commissioning – orders – and because of that no-one could stand in his way or stop him.God , heaven and the Holy Spirit stood by him and backed him up all the way till the end. (Mk 11:23)
Understanding the great importance of mandates the power and importance makes a big difference but, it is up to us to respond.

One of the problems is people are waiting to see the manifestations (result/provision) before they step out to do what God told them to do.
Many people, who have received a mandate to pray for the sick, are waiting for God to release healing power before they start praying.
It does not work that way. We are not responsible for results as we cannot produce them. Our job is to obey and do what the Father says.
One day before we stand before the Lord, He is not going to hold us accountable for the results, not at all, because results are His responsibility. Our goal is that, on that day, we will be found faithful before Him because we believed in Him and did as He wished.
He is not going to ask, “How many miracles did you perform? How mwnay people did you save? etc.”
Instead He will ask, ” Did you pray for the sick so I could heal them?” Many will say, “Well Lord I was waiting for you to release healing so that I could pray for them.” Or , “I was waiting for revival to come….”
No results are His business;
“And the disciples went everywhere preaching, the Master working right with them, validating the Message with indisputable evidence.” MSG
“The disciples went out proclaiming the good news; and the risen Lord continued working through them, confirming every word they spoke with the signs He performed through them.” (Voice)Mk 16:20

We all have mandates, and heaven and the Holy Spirit are waiting for us to open those doors, to invest in the Kingdom, and bring dividends to the Father.

Personal check:

How have you received prophecies?
What are you doing according to them.
Are you stirring up the gifts within you?
Are giving attention to bringing honor and glory to Him who sent you?