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God working in us, through us, into the world.


Revival! 1000 756 Keir Tayler

If there is a word spoken so often among the churches in South Africa, it is the word REVIVAL. I love the fact that it is being said more often than not at all, and there is a genuine desire to want it to happen. Don’t we all … wow. This is a blog to…

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GOSPEL FIRE – ZIM. 2048 1536 Keir Tayler

As I was driving through Zimbabwe earlier this month, I noticed the fires burning an already dry earth. Scorched bush, burnt electricity poles and no green grass – this seems prophetic of the church in Zimbabwe. Spring has to come, rains need to fall and a refreshing will take place. This week I go again…

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ZIMBABWE TRIP 3264 2448 Keir Tayler

A group of 70 leaders gathered in Karoi for a week to be encouraged and equipped. We were with them morning and afternoon giving instruction on leadership, revival, healing and pastoring. 17 different denominations  were represented among the delegates and came from as far as Harare, and Mola (in the Zambezi Valley). Some were ‘superintendents…

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2013 & beyond: planning…

2013 & beyond: planning… 604 453 Keir Tayler

We have had such a productive time planning for the future.  We are excited about what God is going to do in and through all of us as we partner in getting the gospel out to towns, villages, cities and nations. A very BIG thank you to all those who have contributed to Hand in…

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Re-discovering New Treasures.

Re-discovering New Treasures. 1600 1200 Keir Tayler

Over the last few weeks I have been studying and digging deep into the word of God as well as browsing through some material I have on DVD called “The Voice of Healing” magazines (TVH). I have been amazed at the truths that these men walked in, many of these truths have been lost in…

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A new adventure for us

A new adventure for us 700 427 Keir Tayler

We have been in Capital City Church, (3Ci) for seven and a half years and from there have done apostolic work into many nations. We have enjoyed an open relationship with the elders of 3Ci and had the freedom to move about as we wished. Recently it was felt that for our future we needed…

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kinshasa crusade

7000 in Kinshasa, DRC

7000 in Kinshasa, DRC 800 480 Keir Tayler

I have just returned from Kinshasa DRC, having done a crusade in the place, “Where streets have no name”. We did 5 Nights, where I spoke to crowds of 7000 and more as people heard and saw the power of God in action. It has been a while since I have had the privilege of…

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Asuza Street Revivals



I was reading a “Heritage Magazine” printed 1907 about Alfred Garr. Garr was part of the ‘Burning Bush’, evangelists at the time of the start of Asuza Street. He took the revival to India. As he travelled he set in place 8 principles in every church he was invited into. This is an outline: Joyful…

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Do the Healing Meetings Benefit the Local Churches?

Do the Healing Meetings Benefit the Local Churches? 700 435 Keir Tayler

SOME of our leaders in the different church movements are under the impression that: “healing campaigns do not benefit the local church”, “its old school”. God is not into that to-day, its more seeker-sensitive and not good to offend those who don’t get healed. Here is what happened in the 1940’s – “It was in…

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5 MINUTES and a NATION…. 640 640 Keir Tayler

Europe needs another Luther; United Kingdom needs another Wesley; USA needs another Lincoln and Africa needs another Lake. There was a day when the pulpit was a very powerful place to stand at. From it a certain message was launched; one that was born in a fire. It captivated hearts and nations. The voice behind…

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